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"Mariana made magic and came up with amazing visual concepts and photography ideas based on some of my writing"

Anonymous Client

"Mariana created an unique series of artistic photographs that portray the essence of some poems I wrote."

Anonymous Client

"Mariana has such a talent for photographing live comedy. I love the photos she took of me performing so much; I use them for press as often as I use my headshots. I always want to perform at shows she is working!"
Abby Wambaugh . Comedian

"I've had the pleasure of working with Mariana on events, websites and more. Mariana always puts 100% into any project and is a fun and engaging creative."

Kate Stone . Comedy Programmer

"Love your cool and edgy style (& the composition is always perfect!)"

Saven Chadha . Comedian & Designer

"Thank you for knowing how to shoot people of colour"

Kyle Marian . Comedian . Storyteller

"Her camera has gotten her in trouble, but her smile gets her out."

Billy Merritt . Actor . Writer

"The pics are fab thank you! You captured everything!"

Francesca Perissinotto . Theatre Pratictioner

 "Incredible job and I am so proud of the work and style you put into it"

Jingan Young . Playwright . Founder of Pokfulam Rd Productions

"Generous, inventive and funny."

London Theatre Pubs

"Thank you for making me piss myself laughing!"

Holly Foster . Musician

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