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London based comedy collective.

20% Less is a group of female improvisers who got together to enjoy all the amazing fleeting moments we discover performing on stage as a team. While at the same time trying to smash the patriarchy and steal back stage time from the straight white male.

They are a multi-national, all female, quite queer comedy collective whose influence stretches the breadth of the Earth, from Mariana’s living room in East London, where they sometimes rehearse, to the Del Close Marathon in New York, where history saw two members of the team gang up on the third – but in a loving and supportive manner and all in the cause of comedy. They perform longform improv team and sit down to write, film and produce sketches. Sometimes they also dance.

The team was founded in 2017 by Mariana Feijó, Lucie Prunier, Maddy Hunter, Kemah Bob and Sonia Bonia.

Current members Mariana, Lucie and Maddy perform once in a blue moon as their currently living across different countries.

They have performed all over London and at international improv festivals Del Close Marathon 2018 in NYC, Das Improv Festival 2019 in Berlin and Improv Fest Ireland 2021 in Dublin.

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