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Mariana in Edinburgh wearing colourful clothing


I love the sound of collaboration and would love to be a guest at your podcast, an actor in your sketch, a performer in your show, a sound board to your creative idea.

I also love the sound of paid work, if only for the fact I need to feed and shelter myself and Madeleine McCatt. Yes that’s the name of my cat.

I can:

  • create site specific performance (have done so on several occasions including The British Museum Pride events in 2022 & 2023, and Duckie’s Princess Promenade in 2021)
  • be a part of your writers room
  • write on a variety of subjects (I’m old and have a long past not in the arts!)
  • photograph you or your show/event
  • film your event or promotional video
  • operate the tech in your show
  • facilitate workshops on standup and improv
  • speak on a variety of subjects (remember I’m old and have a long past not in the arts? I also have so many opinions!)
  • present or be a talking head on your corporate video
  • create a graphic you can use to promote your show or podcast
  • produce your podcast idea
  • pitch you my podcast idea
  • and so much more!

I’d love to (and would love to shadow you to):

  • get more experience directing comedy
  • get more experience photographing in a studio
  • get more experience in roles within film sets
  • get more experience designing lighting and sound for a show

You can:

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