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C3?'s Basic Bitch Club - Lynsey Bonell, Al Magee, Megan Harrison, Shem Pennant, Madeleine Hunter and Mariana Feijó performing at the Del Close Marathon New York in 2018


C3? (See Three Something), formed in 2013, is a production company and improv team run by comedians and partners in legal activities.

Specialising in improv, C3? organised shows, classes and jams for improvisers in London and have had the pleasure to play and teach at festivals across Europe and the US.

They sometimes still play in London.

They have had many members over the years, some of whom listed here – Shem Pennant, Carleen Macdermid, John Agapiou, Lynsey Bonell, Will Sirl, Leo Mendoza, Keith Malda, Simon Fazey, Mariana Feijó, Stephen Lee, Al Magee, Megan Harrison, Maddy Hunter and Lucie Prunier.

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