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Abstract image where you can see some sticks covered in shelf and stone fragments and some blackened leaves on a white background. You can read the words C3? Presents Once Upon A Story, an evening of prepared and improvised storytelling. Change - Have you gone through a life change big or small? Come tell us about it!


A storytelling show created by Mariana Feijó, Anne Zander and Abbey Kos in 2017.

 Sometimes, the person you are in real life is more interesting than any character you can create on stage, or at least, some of our stories and experiences are. That is exactly what inspired the creation of this storytelling show. 

A theme was chosen for each show and storytellers are welcome to come tell stories they have previously prepared or they improvised on the spot.

Shows have shown us that even the most emotional stories have their funny sides and can be a source of comedy. They’ve also shown us that by being oneself, being authentic and unique, people are able to connect to each other and share a super fulfilling experience.

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