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Slapdash International Festival logo - the word Slapdash and a splash of paint in red, over a black background.


Slapdash was London’s largest and longest running festival of Improvised Theatre by 2016.

It brought some of the finest improvisers from all over the world to play and teach in London. 

In 2016, as part of C3?, I was one of the main producers, and even got a never ending supply of propercorn popcorn for all the snacking we could ever want.

Lineup included some amazing acts like Le Carpe Haute from France, Neil+1 from Dublin, Big Bang from Improv Boston, AMS Impro from Germany and Convoy from the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.

We had also booked legendary Second City alumni Scott Adsit (yes Scott Adsit!), but he booked some fancy shmancy job and had to drop out last minute. Yes, we scrambled to replace him, and still put on an amazing sold out festival!

In addition to the shows, we had some of the finest improv instructors teaching a range of skills – from Game, to Clown to improvising with Lights with teachers from Improv Boston, The PIT, The Upright Citizens Brigade and more. 

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