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Hugh Hobbs, Lynsey Bonell and Mariana Feijó on stage at These Are Not My Words at The Rosemary Branch


A sell-out comedy show, that started in New York, where comedians stitch each other up. Every member of the cast writes a character for another performer and no one sees the script until moments before they go on stage.

Cast has included comics from The BBC, ITV, Pulped, Soho Theatre Lab Alumni, BAFTA special award winner, École Philippe Gaulier, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UCB, Late Night writers. 

These are Not My Words in London is produced and hosted by Lynsey Bonell, Mariana Feijó and Hugh Hobbs. Their credits for this all queer production team include Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Duckie, The British Museum, Soho Theatre Lab Alumni, Funny Women and Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

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